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Unlock The Interior Designer Within You!

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Little Known Techniques to

Turn Your Existing Sense of Design Into a Professional Style​


The Fundamentals Of Design

From A Top London Interior Designer
Design skills, interior finishes, colour, furniture & lighting, presentation, technical drawing, Photoshop skills and more...

The Advanced

Find-New-Clients System

That Works Even Though Nobody Knows Who You Are

Specifically Honed For Interior Designers

Learn To Create Your Brand In 2 Days With My Tested System

Create Your; Logo, Business Card And A Website With These Innovative Free And Low Cost Tools

Be Able To Work On Projects WORLDWIDE!

By Learning To Design In Both Metric and Imperial Scales.

How To Become Confident When Marketing Your Services To Clients

(Even If You Are an Introvert)

Dear Future Interior Designer,


Do you feel you have passion for interior design but don’t have the courage to start? 


Maybe you feel you’ve missed your calling as an interior designer and now the chances seem slimmer than ever? 


Life gets in the way and it’s not possible for you to go back to school with everything else that's going on in your life. 


You might think that despite the fact your friends are sometimes asking you for design advice, your strong sense of style is just not worth much.


With all of the competition out there do you even stand a chance or is it simply too late for you?


Maybe you've tried learning interior design online before but the information seems so outdated and fragmented.


The courses you've found on Google just don’t seem to be a good fit.


It’s really easy to find yourself stuck, confused and as a result - disheartened. 


To top it all, you simply don’t know where to start.


You desperately need a new career with something you are passionate about!


Something deep inside you tells you that being an interior designer would be your dream job…


You feel that if you don’t find a solution, your dream of becoming an interior designer might be lost forever. 


Based on what you are feeling right now I’ve put together a breakthrough program designed to kick-start your career change to interior design. 


It’s a streamlined 9-hour online course that you can binge watch like your favourite shows on Netflix. 


Packed with essential design skills as well as practical knowledge about attracting and dealing with clients that no pro designer would dare tell you.


It’s not another outdated course put together years ago by someone who didn’t succeed in the industry. 


My course will get you results straight away. I've personally tested it when working for the top London interior design companies (A-list celebrity designers, ultra-luxury central London developers and yacht designers working on multi-million projects for billionaires around the world).


Especially as the competition was so fierce and only the most skilled overachievers got hired.


Eventually I tried and tested every single marketing technique while creating my own London based business. 

So I know which techniques actually bring you money and which ones are a complete waste of your time. 


Everything I know I've learned on REAL building sites - the true trenches of interior design as well as having countless meetings with actual clients. 


I also hold a MA degree in Design and lectured at the Interior Design Department at the University of Art in Poznan, Poland.


So, don’t let your dream of becoming an interior designer pass you by! Sign up to my BEGINNER INTERIOR DESIGN COURSE and kick-start your career change.


Give yourself the chance to be a successful designer who is confident with selling their services to clients. Turn your passion for interiors into a business that makes you truly happy!!!


So, what are you waiting for? Click on the button below.



Ula Burgiel

Interior Designer

What my students are saying...

“It was like having a personal mentor to show you the ropes.”

Nicola Foster

Interior Design student, UK

purchased the Beginner Interior Design Course

During the time I was taking the course I have attained two clients which actually shocked me.

Kaleo Izumi

Interior Designer, Honolulu, Hawaii

purchased the Beginner Interior Design Course

I just love how she encourages you throughout the way.

Niki Eckenroth

Interior Designer, San Diego, CA, USA

purchased the Beginner Interior Design Course

“I was able to secure two real projects right away!”

Van Anh Langelaan

Interior Designer, Netherlands

purchased the Beginner Interior Design Course as well as the Professional Interior Design Course

“ My biggest struggle was to present my concept designs effectively to the client. Ula taught me how to advance my skills and use it in presentations.


As it turns out these hand drawn plans (that I later colour in Photoshop) are a game changer when it comes to presenting to clients. ”

Nadia De Cerff,

Interior Designer and Entrepreneur

Owner of Studio NDC (Australia)

“ I was looking to progress to a more senior role within my company. Working with Ula really aided my drawing skills - she was clear and concise in her teaching methods.


She produces such amazing sketches herself it makes you want to learn faster! I highly recommend her as a teacher. ”

Rosie Kirkpatrick

Interior Designer

(London, UK)


Here's What You Will Learn:



  • Turn Your Passion For Interiors Into Visible Content And Style

  • From The Ideas In Your Head To Something Visible For All

  • Tackling Low Self Esteem - Gain Confidence As A Designer

  • The ‘Rule Of 1’ In Interior Design

  • The Secrets To Make Any Space Look Luxurious

  • Action Points You Need To Do


  • Forming Your Ideas

  • The Quick And Easy Presentation Process

  • The 5 Elements For A Great Presentation

  • Photoshop Introduction (Note: Photoshop Software Is NOT Included With This Course)

  • Photoshop - Advanced Lessons

  • Small Detail - Big Change

  • Editing Photos - Changing Furniture Colours

  • Action Points You Need To Do


  • Hard Finishes: Stone / Tile

  • Hard Finishes: Wood / Laminate

  • Hard Finishes: Metal

  • Soft Finishes: Fabrics

  • Soft Finishes: Rugs, Carpets

  • Introduction To Colour

  • Selecting Wall Paint Colours

  • Wallpaper

  • Working with Samples - Finishes Boards

  • Action Points You Need To Do


  • Introduction To Documenting Your Designs - Technical Drawing

  • Scale

  • Creating Professionally Looking Floor Plans - Metric Scale

  • Creating Professionally Looking Floor Plans - Imperial Scale

  • Adding Colour To Your Plans

  • Full Documentation: Plans & Elevations

  • Bespoke Furniture - Technical Drawing

  • Action Points You Need To Do


  • The Surprising First Step

  • The Solar System Concept That Establishes You As An Expert In Client's Eyes

  • Bonus: Learn To Create Your Brand In 2 Days With My Tested System (Logo, Business Card and Website With These Innovative Free and Low Cost Tools)

  • Create A Portfolio Like A Pro

  • Action Points You Need To Do


  • Bonus: The Advanced Find-New-Clients System That Works Even Though No One Knows Who You Are (Specifically Honed For Interior Designers) 

  • How To Be Confident When Marketing Your Services To Clients (Even If You Are An Introvert)

  • How To Create Design Packages That Your Clients Can’t Resist

  • Bonus: Interior Design Confidence Booster

  • The Secret “Mirror Effect Technique” That ONLY Attracts The Type of Clients You Really Want To Work With

  • Don’t Make This Popular Mistake

  • The Client Workflow After They Contact You For The First Time - The Little Known Technique For Closing An Interior Design Sale

  • Better Safe Than Sorry - Setting Up A Business, Paperwork etc.

  • How To Answer The Client’s Difficult Questions


  • Certificate Of Completion


Learn How To Create These -

 Moodboards, Finishes Boards

and Technical Drawings


+ These Bonuses!!!




But You Can Get It Today For Only:



1 year access to the 


✔ BONUS No.1:  Interior Design Confidence Booster

✔ BONUS No.2:  Find-New-Clients System

✔ BONUS No.3:  How To Create Your Own Brand

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Beginner Interior Design Course

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Beginner + Professional Interior Design Courses

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You will receive 1 Year Access to all of the video lessons immediately once you enrol. You can watch and rewatch lessons whenever you like.

How fast you progress will be completely up to you.

Your Instructor

Ula Burgiel


One of the top London interior designers, designing houses for billionaires around the world. Before opening her own business Ula worked for the most famous London interior design companies, including celebrity designers, luxury developers as well as yacht and private jet designers. Previously a lecturer at the Architecture and Design Faculty / University of Art in Poznan, Poland. She holds a MA (Master of Arts degree) in Design.

Course Requirements

Items You Will Need For The Beginner ID Course:


  • A Device With Internet Access For Watching The Course

  • Photoshop Software Already Installed On Your Computer / Laptop

  • A4 Paper or US Letter Paper

  • A Pencil

  • If Using Metres And Millimetres : A Scale Ruler With The Scale 1:50  (N.B. Other Scales Which Are Useful: 1:20, 1:25, 1:10, 1:75, 1:100, BUT Not Necessary For This Course). 

  • If Using Feet And Inches: A Scale Ruler With Scale 1/4"=1'-0"  (N.B. Other Scales Which Are Useful: 1/8"=1'-0", 1/2"=1'-0", 3/4"=1'-0", 3"=1'-0" , 1 12″=1′-0″   BUT Not Necessary For This Course).

  • Optional (But Recommended): Large Triangular Rulers

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do I have access to the course?

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What if I change my mind? Do you offer refunds?

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Not Sure Which Course To Choose?​



Remember, there are hundreds of people with bad taste in design who are starting their careers as we speak. Don’t let them have all the best projects. Allow your strong sense of design to shine through and find those clients that desperately need your help right now!