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For designers who want to stand out!

Learn the Workflow Required in Large International Interior Design Studios.

Create Professional Presentations, Moodboards and Finishes Boards

That Will Impress Your Design Directors as well as the Clients

Learn the Software Used in the Top Interior Design Companies Around the World!

AutoCAD, Photoshop and InDesign

(software not included with this course).


Design Two Projects And Receive My Personal Feedback!

I'll Give You Project Briefs and Step-By-Step Instructions.

This helped one of my students secure two real projects in under 4 months after signing up to my course!

Design Room by Room

& Space Planning

✔ Bathroom Design 


✔ Kitchen Design


✔ Bedroom Design

✔ Living Room Design


✔ Dressing Room Design

Making Money in Interior Design

as an Employee, Freelancer or as a Business Owner


Insider Knowledge on Starting Your Own Company and Finding Clients

Even When No-One Knows Who You Are

Dear Interior Designer,


Do you feel that despite the fact you already have some interior design knowledge it's not quite enough to succeed in this competitive industry?


Maybe you already possess the software knowledge and skills but not quite sure how to produce truly original and outstanding designs?


You look at other designers' Instagram feeds and wonder how do YOU get there?


Are you restrained by CADing-up someone else's designs or filling out Excel spreadsheets?


Your managers never seem to give you any creative tasks. You don't want to be a CAD-monkey or an account manager who only orders furniture. 


It's not what you envisioned when you decided to start a career in interior design, right?


Maybe you dream of owning your own interior design studio but are too worried and don't know how to find clients or prepare for this important step?


You feel that if you don’t find a solution, your dream of having a truly fulfilling career as an interior designer may be lost forever. 


Based on what you are feeling right now I’ve put together a breakthrough program designed to enhance your potential and boost your career onto the next level. 


It’s a streamlined 10.5 hour online course that you can binge watch like your favourite shows on Netflix. 


Packed with advanced interior design skills that will allow you to create an outstanding portfolio and progress with your career.


It’s not another outdated course put together years ago by someone who didn’t succeed in the industry. 


My course will get you results straight away. I've personally tested it when working for the top London interior design companies (A-list celebrity designers, ultra-luxury central London developers and yacht designers working on multi-million projects for billionaires around the world).


Especially as the competition was so fierce and only the most skilled overachievers got hired.


Eventually I tried and tested every single marketing technique while creating my own London based business. 

So, I know which techniques actually bring you money and which ones are a complete waste of your time. 


Everything I know I've learned on REAL building sites - the true trenches of interior design as well as having countless meetings with clients. 


I also hold a MA degree in Design and lectured at the Interior Design Department at the University of Art in Poznan, Poland.


Don’t let your dream of having a fulfilling & successful career as a creative interior designer pass you by! Sign up to my PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN COURSE and take that extra step with your career.


Give yourself that chance to be a successful designer who clients and employers can't ignore!


So, what are YOU waiting for? Click on the button below.



Ula Burgiel

Interior Designer

What my students say...

“I was able to secure two real projects right away!”

Van Anh Langelaan

Interior Designer, Netherlands

purchased the Beginner Interior Design Course as well as the Professional Interior Design Course

“Photoshop, InDesign and AutoCad are very important for an interior designer”

Rabia Selinay Yarbaşı

Interior Designer, Turkey

purchased the Professional Interior Design Course

“ My biggest struggle was to present my concept designs effectively to the client. Ula taught me how to advance my skills and use it in presentations.


As it turns out these hand drawn plans (that I later colour in Photoshop) are a game changer when it comes to presenting to clients. ”

Nadia De Cerff,

Interior Designer and Entrepreneur

Owner of Studio NDC (Australia)

“ I was looking to progress to a more senior role within my company. Working with Ula really aided my drawing skills - she was clear and concise in her teaching methods.


She produces such amazing sketches herself it makes you want to learn faster! I highly recommend her as a teacher. ”

Rosie Kirkpatrick

Interior Designer

(London, UK)


What You Will Learn:



  • Welcome!
  • Working with the design brief. Getting the right information from the client.
  • Getting ready to start the project: Project research, arranging measured CAD survey, working with consultants etc.
  • Concept design: inspiration, ideas, creative flow, getting organised
  • Inspirational Moodboards
  • Developed Design Moodboard
  • Furniture Selection Moodboard
  • Finishes Boards
  • How to Organise a Presentation
  • InDesign lessons + Working with the template
  • Organising Rooms and Floors - Which Ones to Present First.
  • Sketches, CAD drawings, 3D models - When and How to Use Them Effectively.
  • Photoshop Introduction (Note: Photoshop Software Is NOT Included With This Course)
  • Photoshop - Removing Background - Layers
  • Photoshop - Duplicating
  • Photoshop - Saving Your Images
  • Photoshop - Editing Photos
  • Editing Photos - Changing Furniture Colours


  • Bathroom Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bedroom Design
  • Living Room Design
  • Dressing Room Design


  • Design Stages - Concept Design
  • Design Stages - Developed Design
  • Design Stages - Technical Design
  • Company Structure
  • How to Brief a CGI Team About Design for 3D Visuals


  • Different Ways of Drawing the Perspective
  • Drawing To Scale
  • How To Use A Scale Ruler
  • 1-Point Perspective
  • Precise Illustrations Using a Ruler vs Freehand Concept Sketches
  • Drawing Techniques and When to Use Them
  • Shading with Markers or Watercolours
  • Rendering with Markers vs Photoshop Colouring
  • Making the Drawing Stand Out


  • Photography for Interior Design


  • Scale
  • Creating Professionally Looking Floor Plans - Metric Scale
  • Creating Professionally Looking Floor Plans - Imperial Scale
  • How to Colour a Plan in Photoshop
  • Joinery - Introduction
  • Joinery - Details
  • Joinery - Technical Drawings


(Note: AutoCAD Software Is NOT Included With This Course)

  • Starting a New Drawing, User Interface
  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Simple Shapes - Lines
  • Simple Shapes - Square, Circle
  • Simple Shapes - Ellipse, Arc
  • Essential and Advanced Functions
  • Introduction to Layers, Line Colours, Line Weights
  • Working with the New Layers
  • Matching, Switching off, Freezing
  • Dashed Lines
  • Clustering Elements Together - Correct and Wrong Techniques
  • Inserting an Underlay
  • How to Draw Plans and Elevations
  • Introduction to Referencing
  • How to Use Referencing
  • Exercise


  • Introduction to Plot Sheets

  • Creating Viewports, Scale

  • Text annotations, Styling

  • Interior Design Title Block

  • Dimensions

  • Duplicating

  • Printing Technical Drawings Like a Pro


  • Starting Your Interior Design Business
  • Presenting Your Designs
  • Presenting to the Client
  • Presenting to your Manager and Colleague in the Office
  • Designing Your Brand, Finding Your Niche
  • The Secret “Mirror Effect Technique” that ONLY Attracts The Type of Clients You Really Want To Work With. Developing Your Brand
  • The Brand. Attracting Clients When No One Knows Who You Are
  • Freelancing vs Being Employed
  • Making Money & Pricing as a Business Owner
  • Making Money as a Freelancer
  • Making Money & Salaries as an Employee

10. YOUR "PROJECT PORTFOLIO STARTER" (£500 VALUE but FREE with the course)

  • Project No. 1 - The City Jungle
  • Project No. 2 - The Scandi Oasis


  • Certificate Of Completion

+ These Bonuses!!!



But you can get it today for just:




Brief To Design 2 Projects + My Personal Feedback On It

✔ BONUS No.1:  Client Presentation Template

✔ BONUS No.2: AutoCAD Course for Interior Designers

✔ BONUS No.3: Moodboard + Finishes Board Template

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You receive 1 Year Access to all of the video lessons immediately when you enrol. You can watch and rewatch them whenever you like.

How fast you progress is completely up to you.

Your Instructor

Ula Burgiel


One of the top London interior designers, designing houses for billionaires around the world. Before opening her own business Ula worked for the most famous London interior design companies, including celebrity designers, luxury developers as well as yacht and private jet designers. Previously a lecturer at the Architecture and Design Faculty / University of Art in Poznan, Poland. She holds a MA (Master of Arts degree) in Design.

Course Requirements

Items You Will Need For The Beginner ID Course:


  • A Device With Internet Access For Watching The Course

  • AutoCAD Software Already Installed On Your Computer / Laptop

  • Photoshop Software Already Installed On Your Computer / Laptop

  • InDesign Software Already Installed On Your Computer / Laptop (Or a FREE Alternative I Recommend Inside The Course)

  • A4 Paper or US Letter Paper

  • A3 Paper or Arch B Paper

  • A Pencil

  • If Using Metres And Millimetres : A Scale Ruler With The Scale 1:50  (N.B. Other Scales Which Are Useful: 1:20, 1:25, 1:10, 1:75, 1:100, BUT Not Necessary For This Course). 

  • If Using Feet And Inches: A Scale Ruler With Scale 1/4"=1'-0"  (N.B. Other Scales Which Are Useful: 1/8"=1'-0", 1/2"=1'-0", 3/4"=1'-0", 3"=1'-0" , 1 12″=1′-0″ BUT Not Necessary For This Course).

  • Optional (But Recommended): Large Triangular Rulers

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It's a very competitive industry. If you don't learn the right skills, you'll stay unnoticed amongst the mediocre interior designer enthusiasts.